Lifes BIG, little problems

We are all guilty of making little problems in our life bigger than they actually are. They may range from school problems to your little brother hiding your make-up. The thing is; is that many people that fuss over the little things don’t realize that other people in this world have bigger problems that are actually BIG problems. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the little problems don’t matter because to me every problem small or big is very important to understand and get through.

What I am saying is that we need to step back and take into consideration the problems we are complaining about to other people. The reason I say this is because you could be complaining about something like you’re mom forgetting to pack your lunch that day so you had to do it. In reality the person you are complaining to could have a bigger problem to where their family doesn’t even have enough money to feed their entire family.

As a society when we have a problems we; ourselves need to put them in a certain category. We need to separate the ones that are just little problems that don’t need to be complained about and the bigger problems that we need to get some advice for. What we need to do is stop complaining and just ask advice. These problems we have may hurt us and may make us wonder why, but we can pout and cry about it or stand up, be strong, ask for advice and help ourselves in our own situations.

Taking a step back from a difficult situation is always a plus. That way you can see the bigger picture and see that maybe the ways you think you need to go aren’t the ways that you’re meant to go. Sitting down and analyzing the situation is better than blowing up and going off on people around you because you are upset. I can admit that I haven’t taken the step back that I should have with different situations I have been through.

Where does that get me? Nowhere, it makes me look like a fool because I often say not nice words about myself just because things aren’t going how I thought they would go. I am a smart, beautiful, intelligent, sweet and caring individual. When certain things don’t go well with school I don’t take the step back that I need to, to see the bigger picture. I want to be a nurse and I have been trying to get into different nursing programs. It just hasn’t worked out and instead of taking the step back that I have done  right now I went off and said some things toward myself that aren’t very nice. After I calmed down and looked at the bigger picture, maybe I’m not supposed to be in the nursing field.

I am 22 years old and want to help people any way that I can. I am going to be better about being hard on myself and taking it out on people that don’t deserve it. I want to find out where my life is supposed to be going. I can admit that maybe because of the setbacks I have endured that nursing might not be what I am meant to major in and that’s okay. I am on the roller coaster of life and I’ll stay along for the ride to see what I am meant to do in this lifetime.

We all need to take a step back from certain problems in our life and realize that many people have smaller and bigger problems then us and if we listen rather than complain we help out ourselves and others a lot more!


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